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Name: Masaharu Iwata

Occupation: Composer

Hobbies/Interests: Herbal Supplements

Residence: Tokyo

Birthplace: Tokyo

Birthdate: October 26th, 1966

Personal Opinion of Best Works (released on CD): Baroque

Music Influences: Arabesque, Yellow Magic Orchestra, John Foxx, China Crisis and Bill Nelson.

Favorite Game Music Works: MAGICAL CHASE

My biggest contribution to Video Game Music: Evolution

My biggest contribution to non-Video Game Music: 2197 (Troubadour Record)

Future Ambitions: I will continue to pursue all interesting subjects related to sound

Work History:
Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, Treasure Hunter G, Baroque, Evolution, Final Fantasy Tactics, Gekitou Pro Baseball: Shinji Mizushima All Stars Vs Pro Baseball

Current Works: Production of computer game music and sound effects

Brief introduction and history:
I've loved music since I was a child, but the results of my experiments with music in school were poor. Starting from Jr. High school, I became a big fan of Y.M.O., so I bought a synthesizer and participated in cover bands and such with friends. Around then, synthesizers started dropping in price and every year more and more new equipment would go on sale, so it was an interesting time. It was also around then that videogames started developing, and like most youths of the time I got hooked on them. After graduating high school, I bought a new synthesizer and wondered if I could find any part time work that was compatible with my love for games and music, so I applied at Bothtec, and when the opportunity came for them to employ me, I entered this industry. When Bothtec became part of the Quest brand, I began working for Quest. A year later I began working independently, and have been a freelancer ever since.

Message to your overseas fans:
To be honest, I don't really know how many people who enjoy my music are located overseas, but I'm going to keep trying to write better music, so please keep supporting me.